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Unleashing Wanderlust for Unforgettable Vacations

Treadway Travel Company is a boutique travel agency committed to relieving clients of the stress of vacation planning, allowing them to focus on relaxation. In this project, the objective was to develop a clean and modern brand that could effortlessly adapt to various vacation styles, from family trips to renowned theme parks to intimate honeymoon or anniversary getaways.

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As the brand designer, my role centered around creating a distinctive brand system and identity that conveyed professionalism, avoided industry clich├ęs, and resonated with a broad spectrum of travelers.

One of the key challenges was ensuring the brand’s versatility across all types of vacations while simultaneously standing out in a competitive marketplace alongside world-class destinations.

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To address these challenges, I designed a new mark featuring a north star symbol, symbolizing both the directionality of travel and the guidance provided by Treadway Travel Company’s agents in planning dream vacations. The brand system encompassed typography selection, a carefully crafted color palette, an illustrative style, and an additional secondary logo for flexible usage. Additionally, I wrote the tagline “You dream. We plan. You relax.” to encapsulate the company’s value proposition.

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The new brand catapulted Treadway Travel Company to success, facilitating rapid growth and recognition from multiple destinations for their record-breaking bookings. The brand instilled confidence in clients, showcasing the professionalism and expertise of Treadway Travel Company’s agents.