Career Insights

Shoot for the stars.

Growing your career can be hard. You know you have the drive and passion but showing that to someone else to snag the perfect job can be hard. The team at Disney created Career Insights to help their Cast Members with that. With classes to help with resume writing, interview skills, networking, and more its a great way to make sure you have everything polished and ready to go. The brand is built off of organization colors and meant to pop and drive employees to to take charge of their future.

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A healthy choice, made simple.

Making a Swell Choice is something all Disney Cast Members can do, it’s simply better for you. It can change from day-to-day and is flexible to meet your needs for that moment. It’s able to guide you to choices that add up to a healthier and better-feeling you. Not only at work but in your holistic life.

Making nutritious options fun.

The goal of Swell Choice was to make picking a healthier option in backstage Cast Member dining locations easier. The problem to be solved was to bring two pre-existing programs into one, with new nutritional guidelines, menu items, and incentives along with a dash of Disney magic. Leverage one of Mickey Mouses famous phrases “That’s swell!” did just that, and along with the famous silhouette a clear mark was born that was uniquely Disney while quickly distinguishable on packaging or menu boards.

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Designing the Joy of Summer

Camp Havaya is an extraordinary summer camp that celebrates diversity, acceptance, and the joy of being one’s true self. As a designer fortunate enough to collaborate with Camp Havaya, I had the privilege of translating the camp’s vibrant spirit and values into visually captivating designs that brought their online presence, marketing collateral, and physical environment to life.

Camp Havaya’s commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive community inspired me to create designs that not only showcased the fun and excitement of summer camp but also reflected the camp’s core principles. From designing websites to developing marketing materials and crafting environmental design elements, my goal was to capture the essence of Camp Havaya and create designs that resonated with both campers and stakeholders.

This case study highlights the breadth of my work with Camp Havaya, showcasing the various design projects undertaken and their impact on the camp’s branding and engagement. Let’s dive into the details of the design process, challenges overcome, and the positive outcomes achieved through collaborative efforts.

Marketing Print Collateral

I created various marketing print collateral to promote Camp Havaya’s offerings and attract new campers. General postcards and a multipage brochure were designed to be distributed at camp fairs and other in-person events. These tactile materials showcased engaging photos, highlighted the camp’s unique features, and invited recipients to explore the website for more information.

Web development

I had the privilege of designing multiple websites for Camp Havaya, creating captivating online experiences for different programs and target audiences.

For the main website for Camp Havaya’s sleep-away camp program,, the goal was to introduce potential camper families to the camp’s activities, values, and daily experiences. The website encouraged families to set up calls with the camp for more information or register for a summer of a lifetime. It also served as a platform to engage current and potential donors to support camp.

Notable features across the websites included a captivating “Day in the Life” page, custom donation form, interactive map, and other engaging elements to enhance user interaction. The site is also fully responsive, ensuring seamless user experiences across various devices.

Apparel Design

I designed summer t-shirts for campers and staff, fostering a sense of unity and pride during camp activities. Additionally, a variety of merchandise items were created for Camp Havaya’s online store, allowing campers and supporters to express their affiliation and contribute to the camp’s branding efforts.

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Environmental Design Elements

The camp’s physical environment was enhanced with eye-catching signage. The designs, featuring exciting and fun illustrations, maintained brand consistency and utilized clear typography for optimal visibility. Special consideration was given to ensure the signage’s durability and suitability for outdoor elements.

Approach and Impact

Throughout the design process, I focused on message and storytelling, ensuring that each design element clearly communicated Camp Havaya’s values while maintaining a fun and energetic feel. Websites were designed following user experience principles, with a focus on intuitive navigation and clear information hierarchy. The marketing print collateral served as top-of-funnel tools, attracting potential campers and driving traffic to the website for more detailed information.

The outcome of the design work has been remarkable. Camp Havaya’s websites have received praise from families and camp professionals, who have expressed appreciation for the engaging and informative online experiences. Positive feedback has also been received on the effectiveness of the marketing print collateral in generating interest and inquiries. Website analytics and user data were monitored to ensure continuous improvement and measure the impact of the designs.

Collaboration and Success

Working closely with the Camp Havaya team, I collaborated with various stakeholders to understand project requirements, goals, and budget constraints. Discussions with decision-makers helped shape the design direction, considering the needs of both adults and kids in the decision-making process. By providing a range of design options and incorporating feedback, I successfully delivered designs that appealed to a wide and varied audience.

The executive director of Camp Havaya has acknowledged the positive impact of the design work, stating, “We hear from families and other camp professionals all the time about how engaging, easy to navigate, and informative our website is. More than once, we’ve been asked for Adam’s contact information!” The collaborative effort and the ability to effectively capture Camp Havaya’s essence through design have contributed to the organization’s success in attracting campers and supporters.


Designing for Camp Havaya has been an exciting journey, encompassing a wide range of projects that bring the joy and identity of summer camp to life. From creating immersive websites and engaging marketing collateral to enhancing the camp’s physical environment and merchandise offerings, the designs have successfully conveyed Camp Havaya’s values and attracted a diverse audience.

Through a strategic approach, careful attention to brand consistency, and a focus on user experience, the designs have left a lasting impact on Camp Havaya’s online presence and overall identity. The positive feedback received from campers, families, and professionals is a testament to the success of the design work and its contribution to Camp Havaya’s mission of providing an inclusive and joyful summer camp experience.

If it’s connected, it’s protected.

Cisco is one of the leading cyber security companies in the world. This international campaign was focused on cementing that in the mind of c-suite executives. Through a multi-channel advertising that was made in a simple and exciting way, if it’s connected to a Cisco product then it’s protected. I worked on many of the out of home assets that were implemented across the country and worked with other design partners to ideate and review their work for constancy amongst the campaign.

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Country Digital Acceleration

Cisco’s Country Digital Acceleration (CDA) program is at the forefront of digital transformation, offering a unique model of co-innovation and collaboration aligned with governmental digital agendas.

The goal of this project was to create an identity for CDA, raising awareness among internal and external audiences about country digitization initiatives. My role was to create a distinctive brand system that stayed true to Cisco’s guidelines while making CDA stand out. The challenge was to design an identity that captured the transformative power of Cisco’s technology, while also being universally appealing and standing out in a competitive landscape.

The successful implementation focused on developing an illustrated system that effectively conveyed the essence of digital transformation, while also striking a balance between professionalism and vibrancy. The resulting design achieved this by showcasing the global reach of Cisco and how CDA partners with organizations worldwide to connect everything.

CountryDigitalAcceleration Globe forSkyBlueBackground
CDA T Shirt web

The impact of the new brand was immediate and transformative. The client loved the results and quickly implemented the identity across different platforms, showcasing the power of a well-executed identity in driving digital transformation.

The revitalized brand identity of Cisco’s Country Digital Acceleration (CDA) successfully positioned the program as a catalyst for global digital transformation – fostering partnerships and solidifying CDA’s position as a leader in the industry.

Ready, set, take action!

Leader Casting Call helps bring the careers of Walt Disney World® Cast Members to the next level. The brand elevates what their next role in the show could be and brings whimsy to the growth, development, and hiring process that the Resort provides. 

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