Reconstructionist Rabbinical College Graduation Program

A Momentous Occasion

Once all the studying is done, papers are written, and classes are sat through – it’s time to graduate and celebrate! Being able to to design the program for such a milestone was great fun. Partnering with the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College internal communications team I was able to bring their vision to life in a print piece that was use for the day as well as being a keepsake to treasure.

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A Million Diamonds Shine

Celebrate those who shine.

Creating magic is hard work and for the almost 80 thousand Cast Members of the Walt Disney World® Resort. Celebrating them for that work is critical.

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Leader Casting Call

Ready, set, take action!

Leader Casting Call helps bring the careers of Walt Disney World® Cast Members to the next level. The brand elevates what their next role in the show could be and brings whimsy to the growth, development, and hiring process that the Resort provides. 

Camp Havaya

Brand camping, boldy.

Camp Havaya is founded on the basis of letting kids be themselves boldly. Working with the organization for the last eight years I was able to assist them through a full rename and branding and continue to support their digital and print marketing needs. Helping to spread the magic of sleepaway camp year after year is a true joy.

Swell Choice

A healthy choice, made simple.

Making a Swell Choice is something all Disney Cast Members can do, it’s simply better for you. It can change from day-to-day and is flexible to meet your needs for that moment. It’s able to guide you to choices that add up to a healthier and better-feeling you. Not only at work but in your holistic life.

Making nutritious options fun.

The goal of Swell Choice was to make picking a healthier option in backstage Cast Member dining locations easier. The problem to be solved was to bring two pre-existing programs into one, with new nutritional guidelines, menu items, and incentives along with a dash of Disney magic. Leverage one of Mickey Mouses famous phrases “That’s swell!” did just that, and along with the famous silhouette a clear mark was born that was uniquely Disney while quickly distinguishable on packaging or menu boards.

L’Chaim and Legacy Society

Generation to generation.

The L’Chaim (life in Hebrew) and Legacy society is dedicated to growing strong roots for the future of Jewish summer camp, Camp Havaya. Building the future is their vast network of dedicated supporters ready to take the step of long term planned giving. Ensuring this thriving youth community continues to grow.

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Harbor Camps

Building a site that builds confidence.

Camp Aranu’tiq is an awesome place that builds confidence and community for transgender and gender-variant youth through camp! It’s a place where, for the campers, the only focus is fun and building community. Being able to bring the fun of camp to the fore-front was the main goal of the project while elevating the work that’s done to build this amazing community.

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Disneyland Paris DTools HR

A quick explanation and introduction.

This video was used by Disney Global HR to introduce new benefits and tools to the Cast Members of Disneyland Paris. We produced the video in both English and French and took inspiration from one of our beloved brands Star Wars.

Career Insights

Shoot for the stars.

Growing your career can be hard. You know you have the drive and passion but showing that to someone else to snag the perfect job can be hard. The team at Disney created Career Insights to help their Cast Members with that. With classes to help with resume writing, interview skills, networking, and more its a great way to make sure you have everything polished and ready to go. The brand is built off of organization colors and meant to pop and drive employees to to take charge of their future.

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Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway

It pops right off the screen!

Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway at Disney’s Hollywood Studios brings you beyond the screen and into the cartoon world. Cast Members of the Walt Disney World Resort were given a preview of this one-of-a-kind attraction prior to its premiere. I was given the task to create a keepsake for everyone that took part in the event. This was accomplished by extending the story of the attraction outside before it even began with a ticket to the movie that Mickey was premier in. During that movie is when the cartoon world takes over and the explore the Mickey and Minnie’s world.

Social Media was a buzz.

Quickly becoming the most photographed item from the previews the ticket keepsake also generated priceless marketing and buzz of the new attractions across multiple social media channels.

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